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Estado De Ruido teams up with Playground Records to commemorate its tenth anniversary with an exclusive limited edition capsule collection of 6 pieces.

Pushed to the unimaginable by Martin Noise and Kuunde, Playground Records is a big network of beautiful people. An original group of Dj’s from Buenos Aires, now a record label based in Barcelona, coming together with music producers from all around the world to create and disseminate the music they love, producing a platform of diffusion and musical gathering. Their purpose in life is to make people dance, communicate dancers with the primary sense of rhythm, the sophisticated delight of harmony, and with the certainty that music connects souls.

Estado de Ruido captures the eclectic and lysergic world of Playground Records with the following designs:

Venus On Acid
Lizard King
Lust For Silk
Mente Menta
Rombo Mambo
Endless Nights