Estado de Ruido’s collaborating musical artist for the Interferencias collection is Alicia Carrera. DJ, editorial designer and visual artist, Alicia originates from Galicia, and currently divides her time between Berlin and Barcelona. As both a DJ and musical experimenter she draws on diverse genres, weaving between ambient dub, new wave, psychedelia, experimental electronica, dark synth pop and kraut rock for starters. Her signature collages reflect a dreamy inner world brimming with sensitivity and intelligence.

“Dreaming is a Private Thing” muses the title of a playlist by Alicia, evidencing her ongoing motif of the oneiric—which, alongside reverse positive and negative space, watercolour, Xeroxed archival photographs of ancient representations of archetypes, mysticism and the cosmos, as well as imperfect geometries evoking primitive, human essence—are all elements which characterise her visual work, fitting in neatly with Estado de Ruido’s mission, style, and working methodology. Naturally, a deep connection to music has united Alicia with members of Estado de Ruido’s team.

Her trademark style of reverse positive and negative space in her work is akin to the label’s deconstruction of vintage clothing, and could even be compared to items from Interferencias that are an inverse of each other (Electronic Body Jacket/Baila o Muere), evoking EDR’s ideas of play between interior and exterior, dream and reality, the superposition of waves of sound, and the ongoing quest to be united with our own inner voice, our inner music and divinity, our true “noise”, which we readily connect with on the dance floor, in some sort of tribal ritual.

Her use of white and black reminds us of EstadoDeRuido’s meditations about false binaries, about the interplay between dream and reality, what’s within and without, and a whole tradition and aesthetic of music and design that inspire the artist and EDR’s team.

The oneiric inner world of Alicia Carrera joins up with Estado de Ruido on the following designs:

Lunar feat. Alicia Carrera
Starspotting feat. Alicia Carrera
Frecuencias Inconexas feat. Alicia Carrera

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